Episode 19 | “That’s Crazy” (feat. Anonymuz)


This week we find Anonymuz, a rapper discussed on previous episodes join the conversation with the Bridge the Gap boys. They start going over his path to this point, some stories on BIG P’s role in his early career (9:33), and the difference between an EP and an album. They also get into his leap of faith moment in 2016, his opinions on Florida artists and them capitalizing on the moment, and more memories with Jose lead to how he stays grounded (46:14). Between questions on songs from Vice City and There Is No Threat, plus congratulating him on his connection to the talent agency merger report, he speaks on a moment where he suffered from writers block and its connection to his most recent project. Anon also shares insight on Denzel Curry’s influence with relation to his stream of consciousness (59:28), Jose points out how Anonymuz is refreshing to him in the streaming era, DeLaSerg asks about his top 3 favorite animes, they all go over the 2019 XXL cover (1:15:00), and much more is discussed.

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