Episode 17 | “$H,000,000,000V”


This week Jose, BIG P, and DeLaSerg get to business going straight into national politics and its local impact on BIG P (4:15). The guys pick apart and appreciate Jay-Z’s billion dollar milestone and comment on DJ Khaled’s reaction to his first week sales report (21:33). Future’s new EP leads to BIG P asking if Future’s lost his edge, Drake and Chris Brown’s new song is discussed, and the guys question which produces a better result between drinking and podcasting or podcasting drunk. Technology comes up this week when the fellas discuss the job offer Miggtm received. The Netflix series When They Us by Ava Duvernay (49:39), a Talent agency merger report, and the NBA Finals are covered. Predictions on new music from Drake should the Raptors win, reports on the Beyhive’s sting during the NBA finals (1:08:54), and Jose suggests a cook-off between two friends (1:15:48). The guys close with some good news attached to a favorite of topics amongst the guys.

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