Episode 12 | “Durag Pee”


After a couple weeks away from podcasting, Jose, BIG P, & DeLaSerg reunite with a lot to address and a lot of energy throughout the discussion. The guys cover their time away from recording and start by recapping the Joe Budden Podcast Miami live show (10:29). Jose picks apart, comments, and makes connections to Kanye West’s Sunday Service Coachella performance (20:02). The fellas pay their respects to John Singleton, and fall into a heated discussion on films deviating from comic book storylines while addressing Avengers: Endgame (51:40). Reviewing Jay-Z’s B-Sides 2 concert brings BIG P to ask if there are any other artists that could pull off the same form of concert (1:01:00). Reports on Woodstock’s cancellation and a possible revival of the Fyre app and Fyre Festival cause BIG P & DeLaSerg to speculate. The guys take a moment to address record labels and their recently reported dealings with Travis Scott and Maxo Kream (1:23:25). Jose & BIG P close by introducing a new weekly segment as a part of the second season (1:37:42).

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