Episode 4 | Scooter


This episode of Bridge the Gap Podcast consists of Jose and Big P going over a couple interesting topics after an eventful week. Things like the R. Kelly situation (7:30), the reaction to Kanye West’s Sunday Service (15:59), and Lebron James being an A&R on 2 Chainz’s recently released album (36:25) is some of what’s discussed. Big P reacts to high-fashion racial insensitivity + Virgil Abloh (57:30) and Apple’s recent reports of revenue losses (1:02:15) are addressed. Jose asks Big P about the J. Cole Middle Child music video (1:04:47) and they both realize a couple things about the format of music videos today. Jose also makes a special announcement about the music played on the podcast (1:11:10).

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  • Bridge the Gap Podcast is a podcast based in South Florida covering current events in pop culture, music, urban culture, fashion, business, technology, the local scene and much more.

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